Success stories



How can Austria be brought back to the top in times of digital change? Through courage and determination. This is what happened in the laboratories for new ideas, individually designed for our customers!
Our approach: 4 events in 4 federal provinces in order to involve many interested parties in the process. This was achieved through new, creative methods such as our specially designed "Future Journey" - a journey into the future. Together with stakeholders from business, science and society, new ideas and thought-provoking impulses were born in small group settings. The results? 43 future theses for digital change were developed on site with the participants.


What are the first steps of a newly founded network? What things need to be clarified among each other? For a good positioning, the answers to these questions were essential for our client.
Our approach: In order to make the background of the individual participants visible, we conducted interviews. The representatives of the stakeholders were asked separately about their ideas on the network. The results of the interviews were prepared for a joint retreat and formed the basic structure for the activities there. Very important for us: to allow and promote a structured and appreciative discussion among the participants. By asking specific questions, we stimulate solutions that slumber in the workshop participants. The results? A sharp profile, active objectives and measures as well as a concrete roadmap with responsibilities for the next 2 years.


What to do if your organisation gets between the fronts on an emotional topic? What do you do when the public becomes increasingly sensitised against you? With a sustainable strategy and well thought-out stakeholder dialogue, it doesn't even get that far.
Our approach: In this assignment, it was important to move from a highly emotional topic, to which the public had already been sensitised, to an objective discourse. The aim was to achieve a WIN-WIN situation for the individual stakeholders. In order to achieve this, the process was divided into 5 phases. Using different methods such as stakeholder analysis, large group dialogues and World Café workshops, we accompanied this process from the conception to the final presentation of the concluding report. The results? The results? An objective discussion with all stakeholders and a detailed strategy paper including derived measures.